Key People of the Firm

Cross-disciplinary Skills That Enrich the Firm’s Expertise

Drawing on the individual capabilities of our lawyers within each core expertise, and organizing our work in such a way to advocate a comprehensive approach to all the issues affecting our clients, is the hallmark of OPLEO Avocats. In line with this objective, each lawyer at OPLEO Avocats combines both a thorough understanding of the technical skills needed to support the Firm’s different core activities, and a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach to the financial and personal concerns of our clients.


Beyond decision-making, creativity needs to be cultivated by gathering and developing one’s curiosity while still maintaining technical know-how, and never ceasing to experiment. In my own research, the most surprizing results come from establishing resonance between apparently unrelated items (…)

It’s necessary to first integrate all the technical aspects, make them as much of a natural reflex as possible, so you don’t have to think about them.

Cédric Villani, Mathematician


In order to meet all the needs of key business leaders, lawyers often need to interact with specialists in other professions. OPLEO Avocats regularly coordinates work with other professionals, with whom it establishes a true partnership spirit.

This is especially true for certain areas of expertise that require complementary skills of professionals outside the legal and tax fields, with whom we regularly form inter-professional teams.

In the same respect, calling on certain legal capabilities that we do not seek to develop within the Firm can also occasionally prove to be necessary. To meet such needs, OPLEO Avocats has established working relationships with a select group of other law firms.

Other Advisors

Coordination with our Clients' Other Advisors

Key business leaders are often in contact with specialists other than their lawyer. In particular, they work with commercial bankers, wealth management advisors, financial advisors, certified accountants, as well as notaries.

We assist clients in coordination with all such specialists, whether institutional or independent, and regardless if they belong to a regulated profession.

While we believe it is essential to encourage a partnership spirit to ensure smooth working relationships, we remain our client’s lawyer and maintain the appropriate distance and independence to defend and protect the client’s interests.

Other Experts

Working with Non-Legal Sector Professionals

Certain areas of expertise require mobilizing not only legal and tax cross-disciplinary skills, but also accounting and finance skills (finance models, actuarial, intellectual property, etc.) or assistance with carrying out certain formalities (registering companies and individuals, immigration-related administrative formalities, etc.).

As an extension of our comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach, we foster developing inter-professional relationships, particularly with accountants and auditors. To meet the needs of our clients which lie between law and finance, we have established strong working relationships with several professionals in the scientific, accounting and financial fields.

Outsourcing certain services also contributes to controlling costs, particularly for specific administrative formalities, for which we have also put in place appropriate partnerships.

Other Law Firms

Working with Other Law Firms

Because OPLEO Avocats’ is committed to concentrating on its core areas of expertise based on a business model that ensures independence and operating cost efficiency, we do not aim to become a full service firm.

For capabilities that our clients only require occasionally, we have established strong working relationships with other law firms for such needs.

To avoid conflicts of interest, we partner with firms whose core activity is specifically focused on the capabilities we occasionally require.

This approach also allows us to offer certain of our capabilities to other law firms. In this respect, other firms particularly seek our advice on taxation of assets and labor/employment law issues.